September 25, 2015

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120ml Bottles


We have noticed that we have been overfilling our bottles for quite some time. If filled to the top, it is about 150ml. If just under, about 140ml. So we recently started putting actually 120ml ejuice inside the bottle. Well, some people are just having the idea that we are under filling the bottle on purpose. We definitely aren't, but we do know that since we are still filling by hand, we can more likely make a mistake on accident doing it this way, rather than just filling it to the top. 


So with that said, we might just raise the price slightly, and just call it "140ml" or "150ml" bottles instead that way, everyone gets a fair trade. We don't lose on overfilling, and you don't accidentally get an under filled bottle or think you got one. We can't find a bottle that is like ours that is exactly 120ml, so that is not an option. I personally love the current bottles we have. Their quality is great, so I'd like to keep them. So I think this is the route we will go, but if you have any thoughts, don't hesitate to email us! Thanks!

June 13, 2015

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New Flavors!!

Sup everyone! New flavors are in development and we are having a slight problem....we have made TO MANY GOOD ONES. We are having a lot of trouble deciding, as we want to just pick one more flavor for the 2nd addition to the all day vape 120ml ejuice line. We have a few in mind which I will list below. 

  • Blueberry-Pomegranate w/ pinch of cream - Very good fruity blend, especially after steeping. 
  • Peaches & Cream - We made 2 of these. Both are great! One of them we were told tastes almost identical to Omega from space jam. :O
  • Baja Blast Blend - So we somehow made a Baja Blast mtn dew type flavor, which is my ALL TIME fav soda. It's a very breezy refreshing vape. 
  • Peanut Butter Cookie - Tastes almost exactly like the peanut butter girl scout cookies. OMGSH it's delishhhhhh
  • Gingerbread Cookie - Sweet, spicy and just a bottle of super YUM. Super addicting flavor, in my opinion. 
  • Kiwi & Cream - We blended kiwi into a cream base and it came out wonderful. Gets better as it steeps. 
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Yes..the cereal. It happened. Everyone loves it. I'm not crazy about it myself, but everyone saying it's bomb bomb. 
  • And a few more...

Our current available flavor is a dessert fruity creamy milky blend. So I think our next one should be a fruity only blend maybe? Or who cares and just go for another sweet tooth one? We just want to make sure we bring an awesome flavor to the table that everyone can love and enjoy, in a 120ml ejuice bottle for cheap. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions on which flavor we should go with, send us an email with which one of the above flavors we should go with or which ones stand out! Thanks!

May 12, 2015

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120ml E Juice First Flavor Launch! Milk Meee

Our first flavor has launched. Milk Meee. A strawberry milky creamy vape that will remind you of all those premium vapes, but for a fraction of the cost. Don't over pay for e juice. It's not fair what these huge brands really are doing. Taking advantage of someones nicotine addiction is not cool. We are supposed to help people completely separate people from anything to do with cigarettes, not push them towards it!

Buy a 120ml bottle from us between $20-$30 depending on sales and promotions and never look back. All Day Vape Co. has your back when searching for affordable all day vapes. No longer will you worry about sharing some of your juice with your friends, since you will have plenty to go around. 

Give us a try and never look back! #ADVC